Buffet Catering

It doesn't matter what time of year it is, a buffet always goes down well when you are planning a party or event. At Forkandles we provide a range of buffet options depending on your taste some of which include:

Buffet Menu Sample

Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil
Roast Peppers and Balsamic with Sesame Seeds
Cous-Cous with Roast Vegetable
Potato Salad with Red Onions and Fresh Coriander
Thai Rice with Sweet Chilli
Egg Mayonnaise
Pasta with Tuna or Pesto
Mixed Green Salad
Various Quiches
Chicken Pieces (Spicy / Chinese / Plain)
Goats Cheese on Brioche with Sun blush Tomatoes
Three Bean with Red Onion, Fresh Coriander and Honey
Dips and Tortilla Chips
Stuffed Tomatoes
Indian Bhaji and Samosa Selection
Crispy Chicken with Sweet Chilli and Fresh Coriander
Pork Pies
Egg Domes drizzled with Lemon Mayonnaise
Sliced Beef, Turkey or Ham
Various Sandwiches
Feta Puff Pastry
Cheese Board
Fruit Bowl
Fruit Kebabs
French Apple Pie
Cheese Cake


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